An Artistic Collaboration

"The old 'undead pirates of the damned creeping up the
hull of the ship poking our heads into the porthole' gag"

SkullTroniX KrakenUp
The KrakenUp provides a porthole view from the bowels of an old sailing ship. Your visitors will see the ocean waves rising and falling. And then the surprise as a Skulltronix animatronic pirate rises into the porthole and engages with your mesmerized victims.

The KrakenUp is both a complete standalone show as well as a great demonstration of how to use the Necrotic Creations Portholes (or any other type of window) with the Skulltronix animatronics (and optional background video.)

Scripts, voices, animation and videos can be customized by you or by us. There is no limit to the number of different animation routines that can be created for the KrakenUp.

And the Skulltronix skull is 100% compatible with the existing library of Skulltronix routines.